Lotus Marine
Innovative Products for Sailboats
About Us
Lotus Marine was created to bring  an innovative group of products to the small to medium sized sailboat owner.

We believe that most of the yachting industry is focused on the big.  Big boats, big advertising, big egos, and mostly, big costs.

Here's what their marketing department doesn't want you to know: Bigger is Badder! 

We are focusing on sailboats because that's our passion.  We also feel that sailboats provide one of the last environments were families can work together in the outdoors, away from the TV. 

As a bonus, sailboats have been a "green" technology for a few thousand years.

We wish to sell products that are:
  • High Quality
  • Innovative
  • Have the highest possible content of locally sourced materials.
  • Provide employment to local manufacturers.

At the helm of a sailboat is where I want to be!  - Dominic
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